Tablero marcador de básquetbol, pensado para ser proyectado en pantallas más grandes.

Virtual basketball scoreboard app. You can use this app on your device (smartphone or computer) and project it on a larger screen.



For Web Browser



  • You can use mouse or keyboard.
  • Indicator of possession of the ball.
  • Indicator of fouls of each team.
  • Modify the team name.
  • Period indicator.
  • Set the duration of the playing period.
  • Possibility to reset the time values, fouls and point marker.
  • Buzzer sound.
  • Icon to sound the buzzer at any time.

Using the keyboard:

Q: +1 foul to local team

E: +1 foul to guest team

A: +1 point to local team

D: +1 point to guest team

Z: -1 point to local team

C: -1 point to guest team

X: +1 period

T: pause time 24 seconds

R: return to 24 seconds

Y: return to 14 seconds

B: buzzer

←Left Arrow: possession local team

→Right Arrow: possession guest team

↓Down Arrow: dissable possession

Space: start/stop time